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Visiting Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher with Paddywagon Tours

by Kat

Back in February I took my first trip of 2022 to Cork for a long weekend. This was actually my first time every in Ireland and one thing that was definitely on my bucket list was the Wild Atlantic Way and Cliffs of Moher. As we were carless, the best way to do this visit was to take a day trip and we opted for this fantastic one with Paddywagon!

Which Cliffs of Moher tour is best?

There are a number of different tours that go to the Cliffs of Moher from Cork. We chose Paddywagon due to its reputation and the excellent online reviews. I would say there were a younger demographic of people on our tour (mostly couples in their 20s-40s and not really any families), but whether this is the case across the board I’m not sure.

Be prepared that this tour is a long day out, we left from Cork just before 8am and arrived back in the city at around 6pm. Naturally, there was a lot of time spent sitting on the bus, but that’s just down to the distance to reach the cliffs and it’s more than worth it. There are plenty of things to see along the way as you travel through beautiful green countryside and quaint little villages with interesting histories. Your driver will most likely have lots of interesting tales to keep you entertained along the way too – ours certainly did!

Cliffs of Moher

After leaving Cork, and stopping to pick up some additional passengers at Limerick, we drove straight to Cliffs of Moher. We were given 90 minutes here to walk along the cliffs and explore the tourist centre. The entry cost to the cliffs is included in the tour price so you’ll be given a ticket when you leave the bus – although nobody ever checked ours!

The Burren Region

After a lunch stop in Doolin, we travelled towards the Burren region. We were dropped off and given enough time to fully explore and experience this unique landscape, which dates back more than 300 million years. The area is protected and conserved as some of its flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else on Earth!

The rocks that cover this area are often compared to the surface of the moon – and it’s not hard to see why! We were pre-warned by our guide about holding on to our belongings for dear life as it’s pretty easy to drop something down one of the cracks between the rocks, which would then be near impossible to retrieve. You also really have to watch where you’re walking as the opportunities to slip and fall are endless.

Despite all the treachery it’s definitely worth it. I would even go as far as to suggest the visit to this area was my favourite part of the tour. While the Cliffs of Moher are stunning and imposing, the Burren region and mini cliffs were an added bonus that I came to with no expectations, and was left really impressed by!

Bunratty Castle

The final stop on the tour is only brief and designed more for shopping, a toilet or coffee break, than seeing the castle. Ever the optimists, we made it to the castle entrance but decided that with the amount of time we had it wasn’t worth paying the entrance fee (which as of April 2022 is €15.25 for one adult). It’s still a nice pit-stop though and great to see this iconic 15th century building up close.

Tour details

Paddywagon Tours – Cliffs of Moher from Cork

Cost: Adults €60

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